Our Mission:

To highlight hardworking women in the music industry and inspire the next generation of young women interested in pursuing music business careers.

We want to hear your stories. If you identify as a female and are actively working in the music industry, email us at wiminsider@gmail.com

WIMINsider College Ambassadors:

Get involved with WIMINsider as a college student for networking opportunities, resume builders and more by becoming a College Ambassador!

  1. Get your own feature as a College Ambassador on the WIMINsider site.

  2. Be featured all across our social media channels-- both your feature and any big achievements. We want to brag about you to our readers!

  3. Get involved on campus by spreading our mission to your school-- we'll be planning networking nights, you'll be doing street teaming, social media work and more.

  4. Join our exclusive Facebook group for communication with Ambassadors for exclusive opportunities and networking within the program, especially with planning networking nights.


We are looking for female college students pursuing a career in the music industry with at least one semester left in their undergraduate program. If you fit this description and are interested in the WIMINsider College Ambassador program, email wiminsider@gmail.com with the subject "College"